24-7 Sports was created to provide the sports enthusiast a genuine company where you can get  great products at reasonable prices and exceptional service. This journey started for me back in the mid 90’s as I opened up my Sporting Goods Store in Wisconsin. My burning desire to still be in the sporting goods business has followed me to Florida where I reside now. My involvement in sports goes back 45+ years of playing the game and 30+ years of coaching . This has keep me involved in the game. I really would like to provide the sports fan or player an outlet to get all their sportswear, sports gear and training. I have some close friends who provide services or products in the area, so I will also promote them. I continue to research new and unusual products that are created for the sports enthusiast. Whether your playing the game or watching, 24-7 Sports has you covered. I hope that you enjoy my website as there is something for everyone. Also, get on my mailing list so I can keep you informed on all the new products and specials that I will offer on a monthly basis. Because I have no overhead, you will get the best prices available. All my business will be done via email , phone or personal contact with me.  I will do my best to provide you with exceptional service on any product or service that you need.

By the way, I am a Die Hard Packer and Badger Fan. Please don’t hold that against me. lol





Football is done but here comes the March Madness Tournament!

2ND Annual Tournament


(You must email Me before you join)



*A small fee will be administrated for a chance at winning $1,000

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Look at the entire website. I really do have something for everyone and if your ordering any product online, go to Ebates where they pay you to shop!


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